A Better Chance in Darien

Jenelsy Lopez


My name is Jenelsy Lopez. I am from the Bronx, N.Y, and I am a freshman at Darien High School. I am 14 years old and I am bilingual with Spanish being my first language. I am one of three children. During the summers I live with my mother, stepfather and two brothers who are 16 years old and 1 year old.


At DHS I will be taking ceramics classes for the entire year. In addition, I am hoping to be involved in a variety of sports, clubs and activities such as cheerleading, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, and swimming throughout my high school experience.


From the ABC program, I am looking forward to becoming an independent adult and make my own path on the road to success. When I get older I am leaning towards being a doctor and studying criminology. I would describe myself as a very accepting, caring and family orientated person.

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