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A testament to our mission and the product of our collective dreams – our Alumni have and continue to be an integral component of the A Better Chance family. A Better Chance strives to remain at the center of the intellectual and professional lives of our alumni, and in the upcoming year plans to expand the resources available to its graduates.


As we continue to grow we recognize the need to find resourceful and creative ways to not only galvanize the unique contributions, decisions, and achievements you have made in engendering the next generations of future Alums but to also keep each of you informed of the happenings, achievements, and future goals of one another. For these reasons we have created this section of our website. As we continue to think of new dynamic programming, host networking and speaking functions, and coordinate various activities this site will change to reflect all of the work that each of you are doing and the ways we can continue to assist you in doing so. Check back frequently as things will continue to change. As always, should you have a suggestion, would like to volunteer, or have a success story to share please do not hesitate to contact us. Once a member of the family always a member of the family.


Alumni Update - Cielo Irizarry update from Columbia Newsletter

Alumni Directory Available


There are enough A Better Chance Alums to make up a small town but because they are scattered throughout the country (and possibly the world), we had to find a way close the distance.  Enter Harris Publishing.  This veteran publishing company is nearly as old as A Better Chance and experienced at creating custom directories of all kinds.  Since August, the company has been contacting Alums by phone and by mail to gather information.  The great news is that thousands have responded with their up-to-date data.  All alumni who purchase a directory will have it in hand by the end of May.  If you haven't placed your order, it's time to do so now!


Don't miss this opportunity to find long lost classmates and friends.  To order your directory, or if you have already ordered and need to process your payment, please call Harris Publishing Customer Service at 1-800-877-6554 or e-mail inquiry@bcharrispub.com.  The directory comes in two styles with a ten dollar difference in the prices due to a difference in the cover material and binding process.  The deluxe edition is library quality at $79 and the standard edition is $69.


“We're truly excited about this long-overdue project. Fortunately, a generous board member underwrote the cost and soon we will have the best possible way to stay in touch with our Alums and to help them stay in touch with each other,” said A Better Chance President Sandra E. Timmons.  “We are a very special community.”

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