A Better Chance in Darien

Olaide Joins National Honor Society


For students involved with A Better Chance in Darien, it is clearly very cool to do well in school.

That point was driven home at this year’s induction ceremony of the National Honor Society. Scholar Olaide Ajomagberin was one of sixty-two students invited to become members, and she was joined by host family member Robert Johnston; as well as Abigail Sickinger, daughter of Board member Tamsin Sickinger (and granddaughter of one of the program’s founding board members); and Andrea Cara, daughter of the program’s chef Denise Cara.


Students are carefully selected by a Faculty Council on the basis of their outstanding scholarship, character, citizenship, leadership and service. According to principal Dan Heron, who opened the evening ceremony, each of these students “represent the quintessential well-rounded Darien High School student and serves as a role model” to the community. Current students are involved in tutoring, volunteering with the Stepping Stones museum and Habitat for Humanity.


The goal of the society is to foster enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to develop character and citizenship in the students of Darien High School. Membership is considered both an honor and a privilege. Potential members are invited to apply, and then go through a selection process before being invited to join. Olaide was thrilled to learn that she had made the grade. “It was cool,” she said in her classically understated manner. Then she admitted, “It was really cool! I screamed when I got the letter!!”


For everyone involved with the program, it is both and honor and a privilege to have so many students connected with A Better Chance in Darien involved with The National Honor Society.



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