Our Community

What Makes ABC Work?

We rely on the efforts of many dedicated people.
Here is a list of them:

The Staff and Teachers at Darien High School

Host Families 2019-20
Joanne and Bill Corney
Marli and Patrick Hayes
Wendy and Rob Hopper
Minina and Bob Johnston
Brandi and Anthony Maniscalco
Nia and John Monaghan
Sherry and Brian Ramsay
Justine and Rob Stewart

Kimberly Servas and Susan Wilson

Resident Directors:
Beth and Peter Horan

Board Members
A board of 20+ manage the operation of the program (see list on right). This includes student selection, student support, house and ground maintenance, fundraising, transportation, educational and cultural enrichment, alumni relations and host family selection and support.  

ABC in Darien Board List Archive 1980 - 2019

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Board Members  2019-20

  • Susan Wilson, Co-President
  • Kimberly Servas, Co-President
  • Robin Ackerman
  • Carolyn Brook
  • Pat Cage
  • Denise Cara
  • Karla Coe
  • Carol Cheswick
  • Tegwyn Collins
  • Yvette Eenkema van Dijk
  • Sandy Filmer
  • Kristine Gould
  • Evelyn Infurna
  • Karen Jespersen
  • Bob Johnston
  • Jennifer Ladd
  • Larry LeHan
  • Nadene Reid
  • Jackie Scott
  • Justine Stewart
  • Lynn Sullivan
  • Anne Thomas
  • Kristin White
  • Jane Yezzi

Resident Directors

  • Beth Horan
  • Peter Horan

Friends of the Board

  • Marcia Meinerth
  • Sharad Samy
  • Amy Zabetakis
  • Janet Scanlon
  • Amy Smith
  • Virginia Thomas
  • Francis Janosco

Host Family Photos

Hasanna & the Stewart host family

Lexi with the Johnston host family

Karys and the Hopper host family

Osaru with the Ramsay host family

Keziah and her host family the Monaghan’s

Henyesi & the Maniscalco host family and her own family