ABC in Darien Alumni

Our Alumni

Name - Year Graduated DHS - College

Karys ‘22 (Tufts University)

Osaru ‘22 (Yale University)

Henyesi '21 (University of Pennsylvania)

Chelsi '21 (Lehigh University)

Hassana '20 (Howard University)

Alexus '20 (Lafayette College)

E’Sachi '19 (Boston College)

Anyergui "Angie" '19 (Union College)

Jenelsy '18 (Franklin and Marshall)

Niamani '16 (Amherst)

Mahoghany '16 ( Miami of Ohio)

Danielle '15 (George Washington University)

Merlyn '15 (Columbia University)

Jocelyn ’14 (American University)

Bettina ‘14 (MIT - Mass Institute of Technology)

Angelica '13 (George Washington University)

Niya '12 (Loyola Marymount)

Anthia ’11 (Wesleyan University)

Olaide ’11 (George Washington Univ.)

Caurice '10 (Syracuse University)

Chidinma '10 (Loyola Marymount)

Melinda '09 (City College of NY)

Juanita '07 (Wesleyan College)

Diana '07 (Boston College)

Morgana ‘06 (Temple)

Sylvia ‘06 (Columbia)

Melida ‘05 (Syracuse)

Chadae ‘03 (University of Maryland)

Kendra ‘03 (UNC Chapel Hill)

Malika ‘02 (Cornell)

Octavia ‘02 (UVA)

Kate ‘01 (Cornell)

Linet ‘01 (UVA)

Erica ‘99 (Manhattan College)

Barbara ‘98 (Temple)

Migdalia ‘98 (NYU)

Danique ‘97 (SUNY Binghamton)

Jackie ‘97 (Providence College)

Renata ‘95 (St. Johns)

SoLan ‘93 (Yale)

Aysha ‘93 (U. Penn )

Tamara ‘92 (UVA)

Cielo ‘91 (Barnard)

Alexa ‘91 (Columbia)

Sohui ‘90 (Bowdoin/Barnard)

Julie ‘89 (Conn College)

Edwina ‘89 (Dartmouth)

Shelley ‘87 (Amherst)

Denise ‘87 (U. Penn)

Khisha ‘86 (Tufts)

Orglyn ‘84 (Wesleyan)

Elizabeth ‘84 (Cornell)

Rosa ‘84 (Wesleyan)

Joy ‘84 (Northwestern)

Jonevette "Tony" ‘84 (Northwestern)

LaRose ‘83 (NYU) (CUNY)

More About our Alumni

A testament to our mission and the product of our collective dreams – our Alumni have and continue to be an integral component of the A Better Chance family. A Better Chance strives to remain at the center of the intellectual and professional lives of our alumni, and in the upcoming year plans to expand the resources available to its graduates.

As we continue to grow we recognize the need to find resourceful and creative ways to not only galvanize the unique contributions, decisions, and achievements you have made in engendering the next generations of future Alums but to also keep each of you informed of the happenings, achievements, and future goals of one another.

Should you have a suggestion, would like to volunteer, or have a success story to share please do not hesitate to contact us. Once a member of the family always a member of the family.