Karys grew up in Mill Basin, Brooklyn with her mother and a twin brother who attends an ABC Program in New York. She is very happy to be part of ABC in Darien and to start her freshman year at Darien High School. While the transition to life in Darien has had some ups and downs, Karys is grateful to the other ABC girls who have really helped her adjust and to the other DHS students who have been very welcoming.

She is an artist who loves drawing and photography, and she is currently taking ceramics as an elective. Other than her passion for art, she enjoys geometry and writing. Outside of academics, Karys is playing volleyball this fall and would like to try softball in the spring. She is also interested in auditioning for the musical. Fun fact: Karys loves to bake, especially when she can do so with her mother.

Favorite subjects: AP Biology

Extra curriculars: Squash, Rugby (founding member), Model UN, BSU

Favorite ABC memory: Everyone hanging out in the basement playing music and being silly

Quarantine silver lining: Rediscovered a love of reading, especially memoirs

Most people don’t know: I like to sing in the shower